AC and DC Power Cables

With the standard supplied DC cable a Farad power supply will give an improvement over most SMPS and other linear power supplies already. But with the AC power cable and DC power cable the supply can be improved to get even more quality in the sound of your total system. Therefore we offer a range of AC and DC power cables specially made and optimized for the Farad LPS’s. Through our experience we have become strong believers in tin-plated copper cables. In a neutral and well-tuned audio set they will sound very natural, open and well balanced. For sets which need a bit more sprite we also deliver a cable based on 99.9999% silver wire.

We have built an AC power cable especially suited for the FARAD linear power supplies. For the Super3 you can choose the Level 1 or Level 2 DC power cable. The Level 2 also can also be delivered in a silver version, and also the level 1 and level 2 copper cable can be bought as a Y-Split, to connect two devices to one Super3 supply. The higher level DC power cable you use, the more clean, open and relaxed the sound will be.